The Border will be released on
September 5th, 2017. Pre-Order Today.


Advanced Praise for The Border

  • “Steve Schafer walks us through the ebbs and flows in the lives of ordinary immigrants, the dramatic moments at the border, the fear, the yearnings, and the hope for a better future. An engrossing narrative delivered in trepidant prose.” — Mauro Guillen, Director of the Lauder Institute at The University of Pennsylvania

  • “Teenagers facing one of the most arduous, life-threatening journeys any person can endure is elegantly presented in this important book.  Jolted from their home country by violence and thrown into an escape to save their lives, the four young people in this powerful story find hardship and humanity, ruthlessness and compassion without ever losing their own sense of optimism, hope, love, and goodness.  Like many other refugees and immigrants, these young people did not want to leave their homes and families, the place of belonging.  Rather, they were forced into seeking safety and security in el norte.  In this book, Schafer puts a face on immigrants, especially young ones, a face that is missing in the national debate about immigration reform.  This book can inspire our future voters to the empathy for those who come searching for safety.” — Luis Zayas, Dean of the School of Social Work at The University of Texas

  • “In his book The Border, Steve Schafer deftly brings to life the drama of unauthorized border crossing and gives a human face to those often dismissed simply as “illegals.” The story of how four young people compelled by circumstances beyond their control struggled and survived a perilous crossing of the Sonoran desert into the United Sates restores humanity and dignity to the 11 million undocumented migrants who now live among us.” — Douglass Massey, Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University


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